In these days of a slumping economy and a flat-lining property market, many people find themselves stuck in a home that is rapidly becoming too small for their needs. With little to no equity, it can be impossible to move into a larger home without being forced to pay through the nose for a low-equity mortgage. This increasingly common situation means that any opportunity to add value to a home in a static marketplace or increase the living space it offers is well worth considering.

Adding value to a home can increase its value relative to the outstanding amount on your mortgage, which increases your equity share and makes cheaper mortgages available. The difference between the amount for which you can sell your current home and the amount you owe on your mortgage can also form a larger deposit on your next home. Where a few years ago banks were happy to lend you 100% (or more) of the value of a home, these days, it’s rare to be accepted for a mortgage worth more than 90% of the value of a property. Something that can tick both boxes by increasing your home’s value and giving you some more space would be adding a conservatory to your home. By building a conservatory, you can both increase the market value of your home and give yourself and your family a little more room to live in.

Whether it be a conservatory or an orangery, getting the window coverings right can be vital to a venture’s success. For example, an orangery that was left too exposed to sunlight could be very hot in the summer, letting in too much heat and light, and too cold in the winter, with nothing to insulate the heat loss through the glass. For this reason, it can be essential to get the conservatory blinds or shutters just right, says Marc Almond from Diamond Shutters. You can actually put some of these window coverings inside the glass. This has the added benefit of keeping the blinds relatively clean and dust-free and looks quite smart.

As well as working to insulate this space in your home when it’s cold out and keeping out the glare when it’s hot out, a high-quality conservatory blind can add that last finishing touch to your new room, making it seem fully furnished and lived in. There’s also the significant issue of privacy, of course- when the walls and ceiling of your new living area are made entirely of glass, it’s easy to feel totally overlooked and easy to share more with your neighbours than you would like.

Modern blinds or for conservatories can be specially designed to be effective on the steep-angled or horizontal surfaces of conservatory roofs- this is of particular value when it comes to shutting out unwanted light glare or keeping warmth in.


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