6 Top Tips for Washing Your Windows

Dirty windows can really affect how much light shines into your home; even the smallest amount of dust can make the day seem dark and dreary. With crystal clear windows, you will not only bring the brightness back, but you will also be able to enjoy a pleasant view of the exterior.

Unfortunately, windows can get dirty pretty quickly (especially if you having little ones around) and cleaning them often feels like a chore. However, with our top tips and the right cleaning tools, keeping your windows clean will become quick and easy.

  • Prepare the area around your windows

You don’t want to get any of your cleaning fluids on your curtains and other belongings, so make sure you prepare the area thoroughly by moving any of your possessions to another part of the room before you begin.

  • Eliminate dust

Once you’ve cleared the area, tie back your curtains and brush around the window sill and corners of the windows to remove any built-up dust. This will ensure you don’t spread dirt around when you’re trying to clean.

  • Clean your windows on a dull day

Even though it is easier to see the dirt on your windows on a sunny day, it is better to clean them when it is overcast outside. This is because the sun will dry the windows too quickly and leave stubborn streaks.

  • Use the right cleaning products

If you are using shop bought cleaner, make sure you follow the instructions on the label. However, you could also make your own cleaner. To do so, add two tablespoons of vinegar to a small bucket of lukewarm water.

  • Avoid excessive soapsuds

Just like vinegar, hot, soapy water can also work wonders – however, keep the suds to a minimum as they are often responsible for the smudges and streaks left on your windows.

  • Have some newspaper handy

If you really want your windows to sparkle, buff the clean, dry glass with a sheet of crumpled newspaper. It’s an old wives tale, but it really does work!


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