Conservatory roofs – is glass or polycarbonate best?

So, you’re considering a conservatory; great choice! Not only does it add more space to your house, but it also adds value to your property. Choosing the right conservatory is very important and there’s a lot to different options out there. We’ve put together a little guide that focuses on the choice of roofing you can have on a conservatory. The most popular materials for conservatory roofs are glass and polycarbonate – but which choice is best for you?

Glass vs polycarbonate; which is more energy efficient?

Lean-to conservatory roofConservatories with poor thermal insulation require heating appliances such as oil radiators and space heaters. These energy-hungry appliances dramatically raise your energy bills; hence a quality roof is a wise investment.
U values measure how much heat a building structure loses. Products with a high U value have poor thermal insulation, whilst low U values mean that the product is much more energy efficient. Polycarbonate roofs generally achieve a U value between 1.5-2.4, whereas some glass products, such as Atlas conservatory roofs, have U values as low as 0.95. This means that high-performance glass roofs will maintain a more consistent temperature, whether it’s a cold winters day or a beautiful summer afternoon.

Which is more durable?

Large Gable conservatoryPolycarbonate is a durable product by nature, however, they are disposed to damage and leaks in the harsh winter weather over time. Glass roofs are less prone to wear and tear and less likely to scratch over its lifetime. Due to its robust nature, glass offers better protection than polycarbonate roofs from weather conditions such as heavy rain, high winds or snow.

Which looks better?

This ultimately comes down to personal preference. Glass requires slightly more maintenance due to dirt being more noticeable than polycarbonate, although most manufacturers offer an option to coat the glass to prevent dirt from building up.
Glass allows for a beautiful view of the night sky and lets in more natural light during the day than a polycarbonate roof. Polycarbonate is notorious for its poor ability to keep out the noise of rain or a loud storm, meaning glass will make those stormy conditions more bearable.

Atlas conservatory roofs have the power to make your neighbours envious!

Chase Windows offer a wide range of conservatory options, such as Atlas conservatory roofs. With our many years of experience installing conservatories, we’ve built a reputation for providing quality workmanship.
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