What is the cost of uPVC windows vs wooden windows?

Double glazed timber sliding sash windows

Both timber and uPVC window frames alike hold real potential to look great, keep St. Albans homes warm whilst reducing energy bills as well as effectively protecting the building from the elements too. For homeowners who require a natural aesthetic, timber windows will always be their first choice. But what about the price involved? And if you choose uPVC over timber windows, will the compromise be worth it?… This is a big decision, so allow us to delve a little deeper into the issue before making your final selection.

uPVC vs timber windows St Albans – which is cheaper?

Generally, uPVC windows are cheaper than timber windows due to the unequivocal fact that Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC) is much more readily available and is typically produced on a much larger scale. However, it’s important to be aware that the overall cost of your windows hinges on the particular type and size of home improvement project you’re planning to undertake.

Why are timber windows usually more expensive than uPVC windows?

1. Timber window aesthetics

Can you select the genuine timber window from the following images?

uPVC Sash Windows London


Unless you’re in the industry, most people can’t tell them apart – which simply proves just how far uPVC timber effect manufacturing has truly come in recent years. What gives it away? The thinner vertical glazing bar and frames of the authentic timber sash window, of course!

2. Timber window longevity

Although timber windows generally demand a higher fee than uPVC frames, you begin to understand why exactly this is when you look at their endurance qualities. In comparison to uPVC, wooden windows are much easier to repair and can literally last a lifetime if they’re properly taken care of. Although uPVC has agreeable recycling qualities that give it a life span of hundreds of years, as it can be recycled up to ten times, actual uPVC frames have an average lifespan of 20-25 years per household. Timber windows also offer more diversity, considering they can be re-painted over time; unlike their uPVC counterparts.

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timber sash window

3. Timber windows add more value

It’s always best to replace like for like, so timber windows will always complement period style or older properties. Even better, thanks to advances in timber window manufacturing technology most styles of timber windows can now be fitted with double or triple glazing – so, not only can timber windows add more value to a property’s resale value, they can also work out more energy efficient; considering timber is a natural insulating material.

Precision perfected timber windows St Albans

Transforming your Hertfordshire home this year with exquisite timber window frames couldn’t be easier, with the range of fantastic finance options we have on offer. Forget about timber windows being out of your price range – simply get a comprehensive quote online or contact us to discuss your home improvement options further.


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