Get the Most out of Timber Windows with Beautiful Dressings

Windows aren’t only there to let in the light but they also play a big part in how your home looks both inside and out. Walk into any room and note how the windows and their dressings have an effect on the room at large.

Well-designed windows with carefully planned dressings can take a room from pretty to stunning.

It’s often said in Chinese tradition that windows are the eyes of a house and if there’s any truth to that, it pays to ensure that your timber windows are well made, well fitted, and always well maintained.

Once your new windows have been fitted, you may be faced with the choice of new window dressings to compliment them. It’s a good idea to consider two sets of window dressings, one for the warmer months and one for the colder months. It’s ideal to change them when autumn and spring roll around.

This isn’t only for aesthetic reasons but also practical. During the cold, dark winter months it makes sense to opt for heavier, thicker window dressings to keep in the warmth and during the spring and summer months, light and airy window dressings are sensible in order to maximise the air flow through rooms to avoid stuffiness. This could mean just adding a second layer to your window dressings, rather than changing the curtains completely.

Types of window dressings

If you’re a person who prefers minimalist interiors, then you may be rather no-nonsense about your window dressings. Plain blinds often appeal due to their easy-to-maintain features and their ability to let in light while retaining privacy.

However, the problem with opting only for blinds is that they can be rather hard in appearance and they’re very “all or nothing” in terms of a view. Glass decals can be a very good idea if you do not like to shut out light; often called “privacy stickers” they come in a variety of patterns and can be a beautiful addition to your décor. They’re available in geometric and floral patterns and give the appearance of frosted glass.

If you’re more traditional by nature, then you will probably prefer curtains to enhance your new timber frames.

Teaming curtains with blinds can be fussy but again, having your curtains wide open can reduce privacy; voiles offer a romantic solution and look beautiful when teamed with heritage floral patterned textiles. It’s simple to team voiles and curtains with the addition of a simple bar underneath the lintel or a curtain wire which is strong enough to hold lightweight voiles without bowing.

Swapping your curtains seasonally will not only afford a practical solution to keeping the warmth in or out but also give your rooms a seasonal lift and a fresh feeling as each season changes.

Make the most of your beautiful new timber frames by dressing them well and looking after them. Regular maintenance is important with timber frames because while timber can last for many decades, to avoid the need to re-surface the timber, keep your frames clean and dry and watch out for any damage which may worsen if not repaired.

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