How do sash window weights work?

Hardwood Vertical Sliding Sash Windows

Sliding sash windows, or vertical sliding windows, began their historic journey as simple vertical sliding wooden shutters. Today, they are available in an array of outstanding materials and specifications, offering the same timeless elegant contours with the added benefits of technologically advanced manufacturing and glazing.

A staple feature of a quintessential British period property, their unique look and opening features have made sliding sash windows a popular favourite with homeowners for centuries. So, if you’re thinking of installing or replacing your sash windows, allow us to answer some frequently asked questions on this popular subject.

What are sliding sash windows?

Sliding sash windows contain one or more movable sashes (windows), that vertically slide open and closed with the aid of counterweights.

So, how do sash window weights work?

Constructed from many individual components, original timber sash windows continue to move freely with a system of weights and cords that run over a hidden pulley enclosed within the frame. Intelligently counterbalancing the weight and the sash, this traditional sash window weight system is still used today for a sleek opening that stands the test of time.

The uPVC sliding sash windows of today have refined this classic weighting system by replacing it with an effective spring balance system. Known as a torsion balance, they’re hidden within the window frame allowing for effortless operation. Partnered with market-leading uPVC sliding sash manufacturers Masterframe, the majority of their revolutionary sash window collection feature a larger balancing system; the difference being that their ‘Ultralift balance’ is double sprung, which heightens its efficiency and provides a smoother movement.

What’s the difference between Georgian, Victorian & Edwardian sliding sash windows?

Each era of authentic sash window can be determined by certain characteristics.

    • Classic Georgian sash windows typically form two moving sashes, are square in both shape and spacing with thin glazing bars that create the classic sash arrangement style of six over six or eight over eight. In the late Georgian period, sash window designs varied; featuring arched frames, intricate leaded lights and subtle decorative features.

Cream timber sliding sash windows

    • Victorian sash windows utilise much larger expanses of glass, with less glazing bars. Frames are generally thicker and are highly decorative.
    • Edwardian sash windows vary in size and shape, as they took inspiration from the previous architectural eras mentioned. Multi-paned sash windows were fitted into Edwardian homes and were typically floor to ceiling height and around 5ft in width. Long, thin sash windows in pairs also featured in Edwardian buildings, as well as stained glass top sashes. Emerging in the Queen Anne Revival period (1901-1914), if you spot a large red brick house with a porch, wooden veranda, gables and sliding sash windows, it’s most likely from the Edwardian era.

Can you put triple glazing in sliding sash windows?

Yes! Our authentic range of timber sash windows can accommodate 32mm triple glazing with ease. Our Masterframe uPVC sash windows can also be made with triple glazing.

Sliding sash windows are experiencing a remarkable revival across Hertfordshire & Middlesex

Offering a range of tantalising timber sash windows, as well as an extensive collection of heritage, classic, authentic and vintage uPVC sash windows, breath life back into your home with the help of one of these technologically advanced window profiles. Experience the pure magic of sliding sash windows by simply getting an instant online quote, requesting a callback or visiting one of our considerable showrooms.

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