How long should timber windows last?

Timber casement windowsAs a material, timber really has stood the test of the time, finding its way into a variety of construction applications over the years, including windows. Nowadays, timber windows should last for over 60 years, however this will depend on a variety of factors. So to help give you an idea of how to extend their lifespan, we’ve explored the issue further.

What are timber windows constructed from?

Timber windows are constructed from either softwoods or hardwoods. Hardwoods tend to be more expensive, however most, but not all of them, are denser than softwoods. For example, Yew is a softwood with a higher density than many hardwoods. The denser woods are, the more durable they tend to be. Oak is the traditional material of choice for timber windows, having been used for centuries. It’s an incredibly durable hardwood with beautiful aesthetics, which we at Chase Windows regularly use in the construction of our own timber windows.

How often should you paint timber windows?

A key factor for extending the life of timber windows is by treating the frames. Chase Windows recommends treating them every 5-7 years after they’re installed, in order to extend lifespan. However, windows that are regularly exposed to harsh weather conditions will deteriorate quicker. Therefore, performing yearly checks on them will help you to determine if treatment is required more frequently.

Is it possible to repair timber windows?

If you’ve noticed flaking paint or decaying wood on your timber window frames, this is a sign of rot. It usually occurs when treatment isn’t performed often enough and extreme cases of rot will seriously shorten the lifespan of your windows. Fortunately, as long as the damage isn’t too bad, it is possible to repair them.

How long does double glazing last?

Coloured timber casement bay windows
Whilst timber frames can last a lifetime with the right care, the double glazing unit fitted between them typically lasts around 20 years. Although, materials and installations of poorer quality are likely to lower the lifespan even further.

Can you replace double glazed units?

A double glazed unit that has failed will have a significantly reduced thermal performance, therefore it’s important to consider a replacement. Fortunately, window companies, like Chase Windows, are able to solely replace the double glazed units, negating the need to replace the whole window.

What factors reduce the lifespan of timber windows?

To summarise, we’ve written a short list of causes that will affect their longevity:

  • Location – windows that are continually exposed to the sun, wind and rain will degrade faster
  • Maintenance – failing to perform regular maintenance will lower lifespan
  • Installation & materials – timber windows that are poorly installed or made from lower quality wood are not likely to last so long. Always use a reputable installer if looking to install timber windows in your home.

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