5 reasons to upgrade to an attractive aluminium entrance door

CHA500 Alu Entrance Doors

No-one can deny the revival that aluminium windows and doors have experienced in the last few years. As their popularity continues to soar, we thought we’d take a quick look at 5 reasons to upgrade to an attractive aluminium entrance door this spring.

1. Strong & stable

Did you know aluminium is at least two and a half times stronger than uPVC? Actively resisting corrosion, discolouring, rotting, warping and fading, aluminium doors also appear much sturdier than other door systems currently available. Able to house double or triple glazing, aluminium entrance doors command a presence that deters potential intruders almost immediately.

2. Aluminium entrance doors are ideal for sustainable architecture

Aluminium is dominating the construction market right across the board thanks to its unique recyclable properties, its flexible durability and its effortless polished presence. The remarkable U-values that the aluminium of today offers helps homeowners reduce their carbon footprints and their energy bills in one fell swoop! Combined with the fact that aluminium offers great sound insulating qualities whilst being able to last a lifetime, as one of the most environmentally friendly construction materials around, its proactive use is set to benefit future generations to come.

CHA500 Alu Entrance Doors

3. On-trend minimalist lines

Minimalism is an enduring design trend within both interior and exterior property design. Focused on the principle of ‘less-is-more’ combined with basic need, aluminium entrance doors fit into this category perfectly. Fusing clean lines and practical features that fit in with neutral tones, aluminium entrance doors can cater to all tastes; available in a wide colour selection, as well as dual colour options.

4. Boost Hertfordshire kerb appeal with an aluminium entrance door

It can be a costly mistake to underestimate the power of kerb appeal, as first impressions truly count – especially when you’re trying to move up the property ladder. Did you know upgrading your front door can add up to 10% on to your homes’ resale value? As well as increasing the chances of achieving your preferred asking price, buyers will see this as one less job for them to complete when they move in too. A win-win for everyone involved!

5. Aluminium entrance doors that accommodate most budgets

Becoming more deliberate in their planning and budgeting for renovations, homeowners were 8% more likely to set a budget in 2017 than in 2015 – so the need for affordable aluminium home improvement products has notably increased. With this in mind, our technologically advanced ‘Alu-skin’ range of aluminium entrance doors can accommodate most budgets without having to compromise on quality or performance.

CHA500 Alu Entrance Doors

Make an entrance with the CHA500 Alu Entrance Door

Complementing a wide range of applications, from residential right through to commercial, CHA500 Alu Entrance Doors provide inbuilt style and efficiency like no other. Get an instant quote online, visit one of our showrooms, request a callback or contact us for further details.

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