What are casement style windows?

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As the demand for wooden casement windows steadily increases across North London, we thought it the perfect time to explain exactly what this wondrous window style entails and why it could be the best choice for your Hertfordshire or Middlesex home improvement plan.

What are casement style windows?

As the earliest moveable window design, casement windows are recognised by hinges that are fixed from the side of the window frame. Opening outwards, in a similar fashion to a doorway, they can be installed independently or in pairs. Originally constructed from metal, wood casement windows have shaped Britain’s architectural history since the Victorian era (1837-1901). Thanks to the technological breakthroughs in window design over the years, modern casement windows are constructed from a variety of impressive materials – although, wooden casement windows remain a firm favourite amongst discerning homeowners right across Britain.

Coloured timber casement bay windows

Why are wooden casement windows rising in popularity?

In an age where sustainable building design is at the forefront of modern architectural growth, viable window design remains a critical element within new buildings and renovated buildings alike. Now, considering reclaimed or recycled wood is one of the world’s most eco-friendly building materials – these qualities slot together like the last pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, making wooden casement windows a much more viable option to homeowners across the globe.

How secure are wooden casement windows?

Wooden casement windows have also grown in demand due to the simple fact that advances in window technology have made them virtually impossible to gain access through. Able to fully accommodate durable double and triple glazing with ease, wooden casement windows also utilise proactive anti-burglar type locking mechanisms which can be upgraded further if needed.

Stormproof Timber Casement Windows

Wooden casement windows offer authentic, on-trend character

By using materials that are in keeping with the original design of the building, more homeowners understand that this can have a positive effect on its value, as well as drastically improving exterior and interior appearances; making them even more appealing to savvy North London property buyers.

Chase Windows offers a new generation of wooden casement window

Across the industry, all known flush casement timber windows simply offer a single rebate which inevitably lacks on weathertight and air permeable aspects. But at Chase Windows, we proudly offer the only double rebated flush casement window on the market (to date) – providing homeowners with additional security and enhanced thermal efficiency.

Discuss a wooden casement window project in more depth, by contacting the Chase Windows team today and visiting our extensive Hertfordshire based showroom to ‘try before you buy.’

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