What’s the best timber for windows?

Stormproof Timber Casement Windows

Timber windows continue to remain a firm favourite with homeowners across Hertfordshire and Middlesex, especially in homes where conservation area restrictions apply. Evoking a real sense of traditional charm and physical strength, it’s not hard to see why timber has been used in construction across the world for over 10,000 years!

So, what’s the best timber for windows?

Did you know there are over 60,000 species of tree in the world?

Constructed from either softwood or hardwood, there are many types of wood suited to timber window construction. As softwoods grow quicker, 80% of all timber used around the world is a softwood. However, because a lot more time and effort goes into growing hardwoods, they are generally denser and therefore more a lot more durable.

A couple of other crucial factors to take into consideration are

  1. Property era

Timber sash windows are quintessential to Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian properties. Whereas timber casement windows suit virtually any style of property.

  1. Specific attributes that you desire e.g. aesthetics

Hardwoods are ideal for applications where the most important attributes are durability and strength. Versatile and workable, quality softwood is ideal for applications that require ornate detailing above all.

Timber wood

What species of wood can you offer for timber windows?

Able to accommodate the needs of any classic, contemporary or period property, our timber window range is available in four distinct species of timber; European Redwood (Softwood), Meranti Hardwood, Sapele Hardwood and Oak. Unable to twist or warp, stick or bow thanks to market-leading engineered timber sections, factory applied micro-porous coatings provide maximum protection with minimal maintenance. Let’s explain a little as to why we use these particular timbers, which should help you decide which is best for your restoration project.

European Redwood (Softwood)

European Redwood, also known as “Scots Pine”, is renowned for its high quality. Light in colour, this medium to lightweight softwood is easy to manipulate whilst at the same time providing durable stability.

Meranti Hardwood

Timber colour examples

Meranti hardwood is one of the easier hardwoods to work with, well known for its high density and long-lasting qualities. Varying in colour, from pale pink/white to dark red, Meranti hardwood is incredibly weatherproof and easy to maintain.

Sapele Hardwood

Part of the mahogany family, Sapele hardwood is often used as an alternative to genuine mahogany. Harder and heavier, Sapele timber offers great strength and stability that can be used both internally and externally. Virtually rot and weather resistant, Sapele darkens to a typical mahogany colour, characterised by a marked and regular stripe with an occasional mottled pattern.

Oak (Hardwood)

As one of the strongest and long-lasting hardwoods around, Oak is widely available throughout the world. Oak has been the traditional choice for timber windows for centuries, thanks to its distinctive natural stained finish. Resistant to warping, colours range from almost white to attractive darker reddish-brown tones.

Chase timber windows combine stunning sightlines with uncompromising quality

Don’t miss out on tantalizing timber windows due to your budget. With fantastic finance options available on all Chase Windows products, including timber, all Hertfordshire and Middlesex homeowners can enjoy the beauty of stunning timber windows combined with modern day efficiency for many satisfying years to come. Get an instant online quote now or request a call back to discuss your home improvement plans further with a friendly and knowledgeable member of our team.

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