Why Choose Double Glazing?

Double glazing is an intelligent investment to improve the value of your home and its thermal efficiency – every single building loses heat through the windows, and replacing your single glazed windows with double glazing is one of the best ways to reduce heat loss and improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Reduce Your Heating Costs

The Energy Saving Trust says that you can save between £75 and £110 per year with double glazing. Over the life of the windows, that’s a saving of thousands. In a Which survey of 2,239 people, 44% of people said their home was warmer after installing double glazing as well.

Air is a far worse conductor of heat than glass – a single glass pane (found in single glazing) conducts heat out of the room and to the outdoors quite effectively, meaning that you are essentially paying to heat the outdoors rather than keeping that energy in your home to keep it warm and comfortable. The layer of air between the two panes of glass in a double glazed window prevents that from happening as much and as quickly – it is the equivalent of putting on another layer of clothing.

Updating your windows almost helps to remove draughts that come in through gaps in your old windows – this can be done without changing your windows completely, but double glazing is strongly recommended in any home.

If you would like to reduce heat loss even further, you can consider triple glazing or ensure that you have heavy curtains or blinds that provide further insulation. You can also buy film to attach to window panes that reflects heat back into the room.

Improve Your Home Value

Double glazing can add up to 10% into the value of your home and ensure that it sells more quickly as all homes must now be sold with an Energy Performance Certificate. However, it does depend on your property and the type of double glazed window. In period properties, for example, timber double glazed windows are strongly recommended over uPVC since they reflect the original features and are more sought after.

Reduce Condensation on Your Windows

Anybody who has lived in a single-glazed property knows the irritation of having to wipe the windows down regularly in winter or buy a window vacuum. While a property with high humidity will always see some condensation unless the rooms are well ventilated or dehumidified, double glazing can help. Condensation occurs when warm air touches a particularly cold surface – because the interior pane of glass in a double glazed window is warmer than the single pane in a single glazed window, less condensation occurs. The level of moisture in your house may remain the same, but less condensation will happen thanks to the way that double glazing creates barriers between the warm indoors and cold outdoors.

Increase Your Home Security

There are two main ways that double glazing improves home security; the windows themselves are sealed tighter than other windows, so they are harder to force open. The second pane of glass also means that the windows are harder to break, so smashing in is more difficult for intruders.

Increase Your Sound Insulation

Double glazing doesn’t just make your home warmer, it can make it quieter too. The principles of how double glazing improves sound insulation are roughly the same as the way it improves heat insulation – by creating a second barrier with an air gap, it makes it more difficult for sound to travel to the interior of your home. While the difference can be subtle, you can increase the acoustic insulation by using thicker glass, choosing windows with a wider gap between the panes of glass, or by buying windows with special acoustic glass which has been specifically created to dampen sound as much as possible.

Double Glazing Specialist in Herts & London

Chase Windows have been supplying and installing high quality double glazing for over a decade – we have a showroom in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire where you can see all of our double glazing options, including timber and uPVC frames, and a base in Enfield, London.

Once you have made a selection, our dedicated installations team can fit your windows to ensure that they are fitted on time, with nothing for you to do but book the appointment and enjoy your warmer, quieter home.

If you’d like to find out how much it will cost to install double glazing in your home or discuss the available options, just get in touch!


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