Why we love Air bifold doors

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As the demand for bifold doors continues to grow across Hertfordshire and Middlesex, so do the enquiries for our exclusive Air bifold door range. The popularity of bifold doors is mainly down to the sleek and sophisticated way these concertina-style folding door panels effectively unite homes with their outside spaces; ideally blurring the lines between the indoors and outdoors. The way bi-fold doors intelligently and beautifully open up interiors is particularly appealing to homeowners who’ve set their hearts on the idea of contemporary ‘open plan living’ that’s so prevalent in today’s market.

What are Air bifold doors?

Often described as ‘the Rolls Royce of folding doors’, Air bifold door design is created with the refined and conscientious homeowner firmly in mind. Manufactured exclusively in the UK by a highly respected manufacturer, the Air bifold 800 range can be constructed with up to 10 frames alongside an impressive 200+ door configurations to choose from.

What makes Air bifold doors different?

What sets Air bifold doors apart from other bi-folding door systems is their striking super slim sightlines, smoothly combined with the ability to command extreme views with panel sizes as large as 3m tall. Offering one of the most slender bifold doors on the market, with sightlines from only 108mm, discerning homeowners are rewarded with less frame and more view with the Air 800 range. Furthermore, boasting one of the most technologically advanced manufacturing facilities the UK has to offer, these architectural wonders offer some of the most reliable, secure and dependable advantages that many other bifold systems simply can’t compete with.

Why we love Air bifold doors

  1. Burglar ProofHooded intruder

Air bifold doors are certified and accredited by the UK’s National Accreditation Body UKAS, complying with the latest requirements for enhanced security performance, PAS 24. PAS 24 is the security standard that proves doors and windows in new buildings in the UK can resist physical attacks, by being sufficiently resilient and fitted with the appropriate hardware. Utilizing specialist engineering, Air bi-folds can be safely locked in any position whilst meeting the Secured by Design standard; the official UK Police flagship initiative. Combining the principles of ‘designing out crime’ with physical security, lucky owners of Air bifold doors have complete peace of mind that these high-performance aperture options will proactively keep out intruders and keep their families safe and sound.

  1. Enduring Quality

Cycle tested to open and close 50,000 times, Air bifold doors offer a breath-taking 277 years of normal use! Combined with an impressive 25-year guarantee, Air bifold doors boast incredible stamina that truly stands the test of time.

  1. The Ultimate Wall of Glass

Providing captivating, uninterrupted views, this precision-built bifold door range offers the ultimate ‘less frame, more glass’ inspired craftsmanship around. With huge expanses of glass possible, with sizes as large as 1.2m x 3m possible (per pane), homeowners across Hertfordshire and Middlesex can effectively enrich their lifestyle, mood and environment in a highly thoughtful yet unobtrusive manner. Offering the most striking and visually impressive aesthetics around, homeowners can truly enhance their views and intake of natural light whilst establishing their own personalised stamp on their new installation with 200 RAL colour choices as well as dual colour combinations available.

Sunset with plants

  1. Exceptional thermal efficiency

These days thermal efficiency is exceedingly important to diligent homeowners looking to reduce their carbon footprint, whilst saving on energy bills in the process. What’s so great about Air bifold doors is that they’ve successfully harnessed high performing innovative technology that has exceptional insulating and noise reducing qualities, with U-values from 1.4Wm²K. U-values measure how easily heat can pass through building materials, so the lower the value the least heat loss incurred; which is obviously great news for homeowners looking to combine stunning aesthetics with excellent thermal enhancing qualities.

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  1. ‘Airtight’ Weatherproofing

Particularly with bifold door systems, high security locking mechanisms go hand-in-hand with high quality weather seals; which is where Air bifold doors come into their own. Utilizing strong and sturdy interlocking rubber weather seals, these are protected and strengthened further with a durable coating of Teflon. This added layer of protection effectively keeps bad weather out, as Teflon prevents dirt from sticking to the rubber which makes them exceptionally low maintenance too. Commanding demanding environments, these high-quality airtight seals keep bad weather at bay by profoundly withstanding gusts of up to 100mph whilst remarkably resisting drafts proactively around vulnerable spots such as the hinges.

Hot air balloon

  1. ‘Airglide’

Air bifold doors honestly live up to their name. Effortless sliding stainless steel rollers can withstand large panes of glass weighing up to 300kg with ease and finesse. Say goodbye to tugging, heaving or pushing bifold doors open, as the Air bifold system can be easily moved with just 2 fingers. Their no-nonsense, uncomplicated operation adds to their enduring qualities further.

  1. ‘Aircoat’

Air bifold doors are incredibly low-maintenance and can be protected and enhanced further with an easy clean, dirt and scratch resistant textured paint finish, available in a wide range of RAL colours; perfect for bifold doors installed in high-traffic areas of the home.

  1. ‘Airsafe’

Not forgetting the young, the vulnerable and the just plain clumsy(!), Air bifold doors apply anti-finger trap technology to prevent the painful trapping of fingers between the bi-folding panes. Families with young children shouldn’t have to compromise on style and design because of their lifestyle, which is another reason why we love Air bifold doors; applying attention to the preservation of every angle of family life.

  1. ‘Out of this world’ handles

Air bi-folds attention to detail is second to none, even offering a range of high-end handles to add a designer touch to the finished article. Available in 8 stylish ‘on-trend’ colours, the Purity range of luxury handles are 100% anti-allergic, 100% ecological and 100% recyclable. Offering impressive extreme corrosion resistance, they’re even coated in the same material that’s used in spacecraft’s; so their dedication to perfection is virtually ‘out of this world!’

Money in piles

  1. Value adding

Bifold doors are renowned for their value-adding qualities. So, with acclaimed Air bifold doors you can be confident that high calibre home improvements such as these will literally pay for themselves.

Air bifold doors; a great investment for Autumn and beyond

Air bifold doors offer inspirational bifold solutions and boundless opportunities for fastidious homeowners across Hertfordshire and Middlesex. Applied to the most troublesome of specifications via multiple configuration possibilities, these are truly the ‘must-have’ modern glass apertures of the moment. So, if you’re actively looking for an enduring and sustainable bifold door that seamlessly combines a real eye for detail and a love of creativity, visit our showroom, request a callback or get in touch with the Chase Windows team today to access the best bifold systems around.


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