Why upgrade Hertfordshire or London homes with triple glazing?
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Triple Glazing

With almost two decades worth of glazing experience behind us, more and more homeowners in and around London, Hertfordshire and Essex are now realising the benefits of upgrading their single or double glazing to effective triple glazing.

Vastly increasing thermal efficiency, security and ventilation, triple glazing also opens up new possibilities with regards to interior design – as you have the freedom to create larger glazed areas without the risk of energy loss. That extra pane of glass really does make all the difference!

Save more money with energy efficient triple glazing Hertfordshire

Did you know that triple glazing is filled with Krypton gas which aids heat loss prevention much better, in comparison to double glazing which is filled with less thermally efficient Argon gas?

If you thought double glazing was effective at retaining heat and reducing household energy bills, then you will be pleasantly surprised with triple glazing. Improving window insulation by a further 50%, upgrading an entire single glazed home to triple glazing could save your family up to £175 per year on your energy bills. With triple glazing, draughts and cold spots really do become a thing of the past!

Triple glazing protects against condensation, damp and mould

With 1 in 4 British homes suffering from condensation, damp or mould issues, triple glazing offers enhanced protection against this potentially hazardous and destructive residential problem.

Typically costing more than double glazing, triple glazing is definitely worth the extra investment. The more windows you order, the cheaper each window will become. And, of course, the more triple glazing that’s installed will provide additional savings on energy bills further down the line.

Acoustically sound triple glazing London

Triple glazing offers outstanding increased sound insulating qualities, literally tripling peace of mind and comfort throughout Hertfordshire and London living spaces.

Impenetrable triple-glazed casement windows

A more obvious benefit of triple glazing, but none-the-less important, is the enhanced security it brings. Providing a third layer of defence, the glass is incredibly hard to break whilst tighter window seals make them harder to force open. Combined with high-security locking mechanisms, triple glazed windows offer impenetrable security that’s guaranteed to last.

Retain period features without compromise, via triple glazed Residence 9 uPVC casement windows

Residence 9 uPVC casement windows seamlessly replicate the original and authentic style of the period, ideally combined with the present day benefits that uPVC holds. Residence 9 windows offer typical English charm that’s available in durable double glazing and tough triple glazing,

Triple glazing can boost your EPC and property value

Did you know that by increasing an EPC rating by just one mark (e.g. G to F), this can potentially increase a property’s value by up to 6%?

Did you know that by raising an EPC to an A or B rating could increase a property’s value by an impressive 14%?

Energy Performance Certificates help homeowners and tenants to understand how much their energy costs are going to be, as well as determining ways to save on their energy bills in the future. By law, all homes must have an EPC in place to be legally marketed for sale or for rent, so that potential buyers or tenants have all the essential information at their disposal to make an informed decision. By upgrading single glazing to triple glazing, on average this will boost EPC ratings by several noticeable points.

With enhanced glazing and central heating key priorities for buyers, triple glazing also has the potential to add up to 10% on to the resale value of East and South East properties.

Triple glazed window styles

At Chase Windows, we offer triple glazed windows in a range of materials and styles. Able to achieve outstanding U-values as low as 0.8 which far exceed British Building Regulation requirements, these include:

Timber Casement Windows

Timber Sash Windows

uPVC Casement Windows

Residence 9 uPVC Casement Windows

Aluminium Casement Windows


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